B3 Bets is a leading sports consultancy created by two full-time sports analysts in August 2020. We have over 20 years of combined experience sports betting. We decided to launch B3 Bets simply because it is more fun to win with a team than it is to win alone. Who else are we going to punch fat tickets in places like Las Vegas and Baha Mar with?!

We don’t bet on games, we bet on numbers. We make picks 365 days a year. As a subscriber, you can expect to receive 15-25 picks a week for CFB, CBB, MLB, and NFL. We also provide picks for the NBA, NHL, and PGA, but typically only for the playoffs and other larger events.


Kyle and Myles grew up together in a small town on Long Island, New York. Both had a deep passion for sports from a very young age playing everything from baseball to basketball, football, and golf. 

In college and after realizing that graduating to the big leagues wasn't in the cards, they decided if they can't get rich by playing sports, they'll get rich by betting on them. A few years into their careers they left their 9 to 5 lives behind and never looked back. With over a decade of documented success it was time to pursue handicapping full-time. 

Sports betting is the new day trading and they want to share with the world how lucrative this industry can be. Hence the birth of B3 Bets!